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CapLog helps clients advance conservation goals with strategies that consider communities' social and economic interests.

CapLog provides strategic consulting to foundations, non-profit organizations and businesses.

CapLog enjoys working with all types of conservationists; its past partners have been located in big cities, in remote parks, in high-end restaurants, on small farms, in fast-moving processing plants, on wide-open ranches and on commercial fishing vessels. CapLog limits the clients it services during a single period to ensure the highest quality support to them.



CapLog helps clients understand the needs and interests of their customers and constituents. We explore potential opportunities for improving results, mitigating risk and building partnerships. We help clients discover, assess and initiate new strategies. 

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CapLog has completed a long list of fascinating projects, ranging from assessing if and how private capital can support sustainable fishery reform to developing strategies for protecting critical rangeland corridors in California to identifying the impact of Chinese market demand on wild-caught and farmed seafood from Mexico...


CapLog is proud of the support it has provided to an impressive list of individuals and organizations that represent some of the best for-profit and non-profit organizations. We enjoy both supporting and observing the important change they are creating in areas across the world and for land, water and food resources that we all need.


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Davis, California

Tel: 530-302-5718

Fax: 530-564-1666

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